Hi there!

My name is Julie Miller Hansberry.  Thanks for visiting my blog!

A little bit about me….

I was born & raised in Butler, Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh.  After I got married to my awesome husband in 1989, we moved away for his career and just kept moving!  We have now moved 10 times in 23 years, and don’t think we are done yet!  We have friends all over the world and look forward to making many more new friends in the years (and locations) to come!

In addition to being a “corporate wife”, I’m a mom of two awesome boys, and owned by a Maltese named Keiko (our favorite gift from Japan!).  I am also an avid tennis player, school & community volunteer, and love to cook, read and I’m trained as a dressmaker, so love to get lost in my sewing room.

In 2007 I decided I wanted to “go back to work” after being the “stay-at-home mom” for 15 years.  I had a couple issues though that didn’t make me good “employee material”.  First, we move a lot…and bosses don’t like that.  Second, I’d had my own business before and frankly, didn’t want a boss!  Third, and most important, I had to have a flexible schedule that could work around busy kids, traveling husband, and my tennis game, too!

Thankfully, a dear friend introduced me to the wonderful industry I’m now a part of!  I’m now growing a successful business from home, being my own boss, and making my own hours, around my family’s schedule, and my tennis game, too!

And the best part?  I get to help others do the same thing!  Whether they have little dreams & goals, or massive ones!!  I’m helping them achieve success!

Stop back often and see what I’m up to!